Fire doors best practice – and your responsibilities

It’s Fire Door Safety Week this week, and today we will look at best practice for the supply and maintenance of fire doors. Everyone in the supply chain has a level of responsibility to ensure that fire doors perform when fire breaks out and people’s lives are at stake.

Fire Door Safety Week

A fire door is a vital safety device in safeguarding the occupants and visitors to public buildings, workplaces and multiple occupancy dwellings. It’s often the case that it’s only when fire breaks out that the consequences of poorly manufactured, poorly fitted or damaged fire doors in known. The correct specification, supply, fitting and maintenance of fire doors is critical, and this is the responsibility of every person in the process.

Are you responsible?

Several different parties are involved in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire doors, and everyone in the chain has a level of responsibility in ensuring that the doors are fit for purpose when they are installed and continue to be fit for purpose as long as they are in the building.

Whether you are specifier, raw material and component supplier, manufacturer, processor, supplier, installer, inspector, maintenance provider, or building owner, it is essential to ensure that you are not breaking the chain.

chain of responsibility

Don’t put it off

Now is the time to act. If you are supplying or fitting fire doors, make sure that they are properly certified. It’s better to specify and install fully certified door sets rather than sourcing the individual components separately (even if all the components are individually certified, there is a greater reliance on the skill of the installer to put it all together correctly).

If you are responsible for a building, make sure the doors are checked regularly and repair or replace them as soon as they need attention.

We can help

At Performance Doors we can supply a comprehensive range of fully certified fire doors to meet the most stringent of performance criteria. All our doors are made to measure, and by specifying our door sets, you can rest assured that the door leaf, frame and ironmongery have been tested and certified as a complete unit.

We take our responsibilities extremely seriously, and in so doing, we give our customers and specifiers full confidence that they are meeting their obligations too.

At Performance Doors we fully support the important work that is done by the team at Fire Door Safety Week and thank them all for their valuable efforts in helping to make our homes, offices and public buildings safer for everyone.

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