Meeting every demand for school projects

The government’s ambitious £7bn school rebuilding programme will commence in the summer when over £1bn will be released to fund the first 50 projects. Construction on the first sites is scheduled to begin in September 2021. We shared details of how to register for the tender process in a previous article – in case you missed it, you can find it HERE.

As a highly experienced supplier of performance doors to the education sector, we understand that several different parties – including the architect, main contractor, sub-contractor and end user amongst others – will have an interest in selecting the supplier for the doors. What’s more, they each have different priorities when making that selection.

Our business has been set up specifically to meet the needs of every one of these interested parties:


Installation and certification advantages

By choosing to order pre-hung doorsets with factory-fitted ironmongery rather than sourcing the door leaves, frames and hardware separately, the doors can be installed quickly and easily during the late second fix. This saves time on site and reduces the chance of the doors being damaged by the other trades. What’s more, as the doorsets have been tested and certified as a complete unit, it will be easier to demonstrate compliance with the applicable fire safety regulations.

Capacity and lead times

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of performance doors, we have the capacity to manufacture over 1,000 doorsets every week. Because our UK-based factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and run by a highly experienced team of experts, we can offer highly competitive lead times too.

Cost-saving without compromise

Because all our doors are made to measure according to your precise requirements, you can specify each door individually. This means you only pay for the higher performance where it’s needed, and can save money by specifying our standard doors everywhere else.

Durable and reliable

We all know that remedial work will eat into your profits, so reliability and durability are really important on any project. A saving on cheap doors that need to be replaced in 12 months’ time is not a saving at all. Our technical advisors are highly experienced in helping to make sure that every door is robust enough to meet the rigors of use during its whole life cycle in the building.


Information and technical support

We understand that architects and specifiers need to be able to access CAD details, product specification sheets and BIM models quickly and easily. To make life as easy as possible, we have made lots of this information available to download from our website (you can find it HERE). What’s more, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or have some questions, our technical team are always happy to help.


Whether you’re designing a school, college, university or a building in a different sector, you want the finished building to look fantastic. All our doors are made to meet your precise requirements; nothing is off-the-shelf. This means you have literally hundreds of designs and finishes to choose from, and if you have a particular design in mind, our experienced team are on hand to help.


Most buildings in the education sector need a selection of doors that perform to different levels depending on where they are in the building. Fire doors are probably required along the corridors and around the stairwells, acoustic doors on the music rooms, doors that can withstand regular knocks and kicks in the busy areas, and doors that are water-resistant around the showers and washrooms. We can offer all of this and more – and our experienced team is on hand to help make sure you have everything you need.


Not only are we an FSC certified manufacturer, but we also continue to work with our suppliers and a number of recognised industry bodies to ensure that none of our timber comes from illegal or poorly managed forests. So, if you want your doors to come with a full FSC chain of custody, we’d be happy to help.


End users and building owners will often share many of the same demands as the architect, specifier and contractor. Whether it is aesthetics, certification, safety, durability, performance or price, Performance Doors are perfectly positioned to help.

We have huge amounts of experience in supplying doors to the education sector – we’re working on a school in Bradford at the moment with BAM – and our expert team are happy to share their knowledge and experience to help make sure you are absolutely delighted with the end result.


We have all the necessary safety measures in place as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, and we remain fully operational. We welcome enquiries for fire doors, acoustic doors, hygiene doors, security doors, x-ray doors and more. For more detail, contact us on 01244 551360 or