New rules for accountability and some exciting news…

Performance Doors are soon to introduce some innovative technology that will provide an effective digital management system for all the doors in a single building or across multiple buildings in a portfolio. This system offers genuine benefits to everyone in the supply chain – read on to find out more…

Why is this important?

Following Dame Judith Hackitt’s independent review of Building Regulations and fire safety, the Government is proposing to introduce a ‘golden thread of accountability’ to improve compliance with the regulations for multiple-occupancy buildings. It will affect the whole supply chain including manufacturers, building designers, contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, building owners and those managing, letting or leasing the building.

How does this digital door management system work?

During the manufacturing process, each door is fitted with a data chip. As the door progresses through the supply chain, essential data is added by the relevant parties. The result is that during the project, it is possible to track what information is outstanding for each door. Then, when the building is handed over, every door is already logged and all the data that is relevant to each door can be viewed online or via the mobile app. These benefits continue throughout the life of the building, as maintenance, repairs and replacements can all be logged on the system in the same way.

The data that is captured includes:

  • Door location – country, region, building, precise location within the building
  • A parts and components list for every door
  • Fire certificate and scope of conformity
  • Manufacturer’s installation guide
  • Warranty information
  • Photographic records
  • Optional technical drawing
  • Optional maintenance manuals
  • Sign off

Who benefits?

This proposal will see the creation of a new role of ‘accountable person’ – someone (often in facilities management) who will be responsible for the sign-off and maintenance of the building. This person will need to be able to demonstrate that the building complies with all the necessary regulations at any time during its use.

But during the construction or renovation of the building, every person or business in the supply chain will be held accountable for their part of the project. So this exciting development offers a genuine benefit to everyone from the specifier and project manager to the contractor, installer and building owner.

Ultimately this is all about improving building safety for the benefit of the occupants, but there are also genuine benefits for the reputable businesses in the construction and building maintenance industries. This technological development will allow those who do a good job to demonstrate compliance with the regulations – this not only adds value to their services, but offers them a degree of protection.

The only people who will not benefit are those who, through cost-cutting or incompetence, offer work that is sub-standard.

What are the benefits?

  • Data can be viewed online via the web or mobile app – no need to visit site
  • Clearly see what data is missing or needs updating
  • Check door suitability against the fire certificate/scope
  • Check that all components are compliant within the scope of the test/assessment
  • Inspectors can check that alterations are within the scope of the test/assessment
  • Inspectors can view installation instructions to ensure the doors are fitted correctly
  • Accountable person can demonstrate compliance at any time to inspectors
  • Quick and easy to order replacement parts and replacement doors as necessary – no need for a pre-visit
  • Quicker and more cost-effective replacements process – all the necessary data is already with the manufacturer so there’s no need for survey and the order can go straight into scheduling
  • Overview of information for all buildings across multiple sites
  • Filter by region, site, building, outstanding remedials, upcoming inspections, overdue work etc.
  • See approaching inspection deadlines
  • Track progress of repairs
  • Easily identify the manufacturer and others in the supply chain

What’s next

We’re really excited by this development, and can genuinely see that every fire door, not just those in multiple-occupancy buildings, will soon be specified with this revolutionary technology.

This tech will be available on all Performance Doors very soon, but if you want to know more, please email us at