Primary Vs Cascaded (Secondary) Evidence

The main difference between the two types of evidence is that, Primary evidence is instigated and generated by the sponsor by testing at a UKAS laboratory with the intention for it to be used by that specific company or organisation.

Cascaded generated evidence is information that a company or organisation can use but it has been created by another organisation without them necessarily knowing who it will be used by in the future.

The problem with Cascaded evidence is that its validity can be questionable. Yes someone else may have carried it out for you, potentially saving time and money, but at what cost? It’s like being handed a cook book where a leading chef has created and tested the recipes and then handing the book to someone else with unknown skills and expecting them to produce the same result. It simply can’t be done, every company has different personnel, skills and machinery, and the results will always vary.

At Performance Doors we commission our own Primary testing so that clients can be sure that our doors which we manufacture are capable of performing. As a company we can have confidence in the abilities of the products that we offer and we understand the construction and capabilities of the product. We couldn’t imagine doing it any other way and potentially risking the safety of clients and the public.