Bespoke doors vs commodity doors – Part 2

Last week we illustrated the importance of ensuring that each door is designed to be fit for purpose. Whilst one door may look similar to the next, the reality is that not all doors are equal.

In this second part of this series of emails we will look at the merits of bespoke doors over stock doors, and how we can help ensure each door on a project is fit for purpose, saving you money in the long run.


Whether your doors are specified to offer fire protection, acoustic performance, security or durability, it is widely accepted that a poorly fitting door will not perform. If the doors are certified to achieve a particular critical performance level, they cannot be altered on site as this would invalidate the certification.

Certainly, with stock doors that come in set sizes this can be a problem as the onus is on the builder to make the aperture exactly the right size. Whilst it may be possible to shave a millimetre or two off a non-performance hollow-core or stock door leaf on site, the timber edging strip is often no more than a few millimetres thick, so there is not much tolerance before the edge of the door leaf is ruined.

All of our Performance Doors are made to measure, so whether you need door leaves or door sets, you can be sure that they will be made to your precise requirements – in terms of size, structure and performance.

Bespoke Internal Doors

Performance just where you need it

In most projects, the doors in different locations don’t need to be specified to the same performance levels. You might need fire doors or acoustic doors in certain areas but not in others, and the doors in high traffic areas may need to be more robust than the doors that are used less frequently. With help from the expert team at Performance Doors, you can ensure that every door is fit for purpose, specifying performance where you need it, and saving money where you don’t. What’s more, we can ensure that all the doors, regardless of structure, are made to match each other aesthetically.

Beyond performance

Within our product portfolio, we have three complementary brands – Firedoors, Noberne Doors and Longden Doors. This unique product offering enables us to supply all the doors for almost any project – all manufactured by us in the UK.

Performance Doors Group

A good example of this would be in hospitality industry – perhaps a golf club, a hotel or country club. With our Longden brand we can offer the highest quality hardwood joinery for the doors in the front of house around reception, the bar and restaurant where you want to make a statement with beautiful individual doors. Then for the areas that need high fire or acoustic performance, for example, we can offer our Noberne range of high-performing doors with up to 120-minute fire performance and up to 43dB acoustic performance. For the back of house areas where performance is less critical, we can supply our Firedoors products – still high quality and durable but saving you money where it’s appropriate to do so.

Call the experienced team at Performance Doors for expert advice. We are fully operational after the pandemic lockdown, and welcome enquiries for fire doors, acoustic doors, hygiene doors, security doors, x-ray doors and more. Contact us on 01244 551360 or for more details.