Doors for the industrial sector

Over the last few weeks, we have looked at some of the requirements that are specific to different sectors when specifying doors. This week, we will turn our attention to the industrial sector.

Think of industry, and you will probably conjure up images of noisy manufacturing and heavy machinery. But on most industrial sites, there are also offices which need to be isolated from the hustle and bustle of the factory floor.

When specifying doors for industrial premises, it is worth considering the following criteria:

Hard wearing

In almost every industrial setting, the chances are that the doors will take a bit of a battering. They will be licked and knocked on a daily basis, so they need to be specified with this in mind. A stile and rail construction, where the door leaf is made with a solid timber sub-frame, is a minimum requirement. However, we would recommend taking this a step further – our Performance Secure Supreme door in the Noberne range, for example, combines the solid timber sub-frame with a high quality performance core. This is then faced with both a high density sub-face material and an additional hard-wearing interlayer, before being finished with your chosen veneer, laminate, PVC or painted surface.


Where the doors divide a manufacturing area from an office space, it is not unusual for the regulations to require the doors to be fire-rated. Our Performance 120 Duraplus door combines a high quality and robust construction with the addition of a non-combustible sub-face. The result is a door that is both hard-wearing and certified to be fire resistant to 120 minutes. What’s more, as this fire door is certified for smoke control, you can be confident that it will do a great job of keeping any dust from the factory out of the offices.

Acoustic performance

Factories also tend to be noisy, so an acoustic door that keeps this noise from disturbing those in the office space can be an important consideration. Our Performance dB Plus door could be the perfect solution: This very robust door can take lots of abuse, it can be fire rated to 60 minutes for both integrity and insulation with smoke control as standard, and it can offer acoustic performance up to 43dB.

Locks and looks

Specifying a durable door that is designed to withstand frequent knocks has the added benefit of offering high levels of security. We can offer a range of security hardware, including state-of-the-art access control technology that can help ensure that only selected people gain access to specific parts of the building.

At Performance Doors we have a comprehensive range of certified doors and doorsets to meet all your performance requirements. Whilst performance is a priority, there is no need to compromise on the aesthetics. All of the doors mentioned above are available in a choice of finishes, including hardwood veneers, lacquered, laminated, PVC, fully painted and primed.

For more information, you can download the datasheets from our website or contact one of our team to discuss your particular requirements.


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