Doors for the residential sector

Last week we looked at some of the requirements that are specific to the hospitality sector when specifying doors. This week, we will turn our attention to the residential sector.

Whether for new build or renovation projects, the residential sector remains in the spotlight for fire prevention. Internal doors that are tested and certified to prevent the spread of fire and allow occupants the time to escape safely play an important life-saving role. At Performance Doors we have one of the most comprehensive sets of independent fire safety certificates for our products available in the UK.

For many residential buildings, the doors need to offer more than just fire safety, however. Security, durability and acoustic performance can also be important, and at Performance Doors we have an extensive product range that can meet all the necessary regulations and performance criteria for even the most complex project.

Here, we’re not just talking about doors for multiple-occupancy residential buildings, like student accommodation, apartment buildings and care homes. Fire doors can also be necessary in town houses and for the internal doors between a garage and the rest of the home. What’s more, as more people are working from home, there is a new demand for acoustic doors to insulate the home office from the disturbances caused by the hubbub of family life in the rest of the home.

With a fire door leading to the garage, an acoustic door for the home office and standard internal doors for the rest of the house, there is no need to install a mis-matched assortment of doors from different suppliers. Instead, it makes sense to source all the doors for the project from one trusted UK supplier like Performance Doors, ensuring that all the doors have the same finish and sit together in perfect harmony.

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