Make your doors a design statement – part 2

In this series of emails, we are exploring the design options that are available to you when specifying
your doors. With a little imagination and some help from our experts, you can turn your
performance doors into a unique design statement; doors that are striking and individual, whilst
working in harmony with the rest of the building.
Last week we looked at vision panels; this week we will focus on veneers and the huge scope that
they offer in making your doors a unique design statement to be proud of.

Wide choice of hardwood veneers
Hardwood veneers are a popular choice, and they offer plenty of scope for creativity. It will come as
no surprise that there are many different veneers to choose from, and whilst American White Oak
and American Black Walnut are two of the more popular options, our experienced team will be
happy to show you the full range of veneers we have available.
What’s more, you don’t have to limit your choice to just one veneer – it’s perfectly possible to
combine different veneers as a part of your design. You could for example choose one veneer as a
border and have a complementary but contrasting veneer in the centre of the door leaf.
Veneer cuts
The way that the veneers are cut from the log will affect the appearance. Three popular cuts are
illustrated below, but there are others too. Our expert team will be happy to help you choose the cut
that will best achieve the aesthetic you are looking for.

Veneer orientation

Having chosen your veneers, you can specify whether you want the veneer strips to be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally – or perhaps in a combination. A few options are illustrated below, but as all our doors are made to measure, you can come up with your own laying pattern if you prefer.

Veneer matching

As well as specifying the cut and orientation of the veneers as described above, you can also choose how the veneer strips are matched to those that are adjacent to them. Book matching is a popular choice – where the woodgrain mirrors the pattern in the strip next to it – but once again there are several options, the most common of which are illustrated below.


Finally, you can choose how the surface of the veneer is finished. A clear lacquer is a popular choice with a gloss, matt or satin finish. You can also choose to have the veneer stained to match the existing decor or may choose one of our antimicrobial lacquers, which will help reduce the spread of germs.

Veneers are not the only option, so next week, we’ll look at some of the alternatives, including PVC, laminates and paint.

There’s a lot to think about, but rest assured our experienced team are always happy to help you achieve the perfect result. We are fully operational after the pandemic lockdown, and welcome enquiries for fire doors, acoustic doors, hygiene doors, security doors, x-ray doors and more. Visit our website for more detail or contact us on 01244 551360 or

01244 551360