When is a door not just a door?

At first glance, one veneered door may look very similar to the next, but in reality the design, quality of materials, manufacturing processes, testing and certification are all critical in ensuring that the door is fit for purpose, durable and provides long-term value for money. When is a door not just a door? When it’s a Performance Door.

At Performance Doors we have one of the widest ranges third-party-certified doors and doorsets in the UK, providing our discerning customers with the ability to specify every door to meet their individual needs.

Bespoke Performance Doorsets

Within any project there may be a requirement for different doors to perform at different levels but still look the same. Some doors may need a 30-minute or 60-minute fire rating, others may need an acoustic rating; some may need to be specified for both fire and acoustic performance. Similarly, the most frequently used doors may need a more robust construction than those that are seldom used.

The team at Performance Doors can help ensure that every door is fit for purpose, so you are spending money only where it’s needed and saving on the cost of the total project.

  • Performance doors
  • Fire doors
  • Acoustic doors
  • Hygiene doors
  • Security doors
  • X-ray doors
  • Hardwood joinery

Call the experienced team at Performance Doors for expert advice. We are fully operational after the pandemic lockdown, and welcome enquiries for fire doors, acoustic doors, hygiene doors, security doors, x-ray doors and more.  Visit our website for more detail, or contact us on 01244 551360 or enquiries@performancedoors.co.uk